Kung Fu League (2018) (Dvd) (Hong Kong Version)

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Four legendary martial arts masters form a Kung Fu League in Jeffrey Lau's action comedy! Vincent Zhao steps back into the shoes of folk hero Wong Fei Hung, and The Legend Is Born Ip Man star Dennis To returns as the Wing Chun grandmaster


P Jeff Lau calls upon his signature style of nonsense comedy to deliver both punches and punchlines in I Kung Fu League /I

Meanwhile, Andy On plays martial arts legend Huo Yuan Jia, who was famously portrayed by Jet Li in I Fearless /I , and Danny Chan Kwok Kwan channels Bruce Lee again as I Fist of Fury /I hero Chen Zhen

Action veterans Bruce Leung and Leung Ka Yan and comedy staples Kingdom Yuen and Lam Tze Chung also make appearances in the crossed universe of I Kung Fu League /I .

Along the way, they struggle to adjust to modern-day life and get themselves into unexpected fights and troubles

Blending martial arts bouts choreographed by Leung Siu Hung with fish-out-of-water gags, the film is filled with parodies and references to classics like I Once Upon a Time in China /I , I Fist of Fury /i and I The Grandmaster /I

When a geeky, lovelorn comic artist makes an unlikely birthday wish, these four iconic fighters of yesteryear are whisked to the present day! The four must train the hopeless hero for a martial arts competition so he can win over his crush